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Think Green

Design by Debbie Mathews

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock these past few months, you’ve probably noticed that green is having a huge moment right now. Whether flipping through the pages of home decor and fashion magazines, scrolling through social media platforms, or perusing Pinterest, you will undoubtedly notice that green is everywhere!

I have always considered green to be a neutral color as it is so versatile and pairs well with most any other color. There are so many amazing shades to choose from – from subtle gray greens and sage greens to more saturated hues like forest and emerald green. Countless paint manufacturers have declared some shade of green their “color of the year” and the fashion world is predicting kelly green to dominate the runways in 2022. So what’s all the fuss about – why green, why now?

Most attribute greens’ current popularity to our need for connecting with nature and the outdoors. With widespread uncertainty in the world and many of us spending hours on end in front of a computer screen, this innate desire to create home retreats that provide a calming sanctuary reminiscent of nature makes sense. So how can you incorporate this color into your home decor? Here are a few suggestions that we are currently implementing with several of our design clients:

1. Paint – Consider going bold and luxurious by painting an entire room a rich emerald or forest green.

Paint not only the walls but the casework and trim this same color. Here are a few of our favorite hues right now: Sherwin Williams Svelte Sage, Sherwin Williams Herbal Wash, and PPG Olive Green. Not ready for an entire green room, consider painting your front door, vanity cabinet or kitchen island and then pair it with brass hardware for more impact.

2. UpholsteryPurchase or recover a sofa or chair in a beautiful green velvet or mohair. This will add instant depth and richness to your decor and be a cozy spot to curl up on. A green foundation allows you to then layer in a multitude of other colors with pillows or throws.

3. AccessoriesNot so sure about making a large investment in the color green, perhaps start small with adding several houseplants and green accessories. A green porcelain lamp, hand painted vintage malachite pieces, or cabbage ware might be just the ticket. There are so many options to choose from!

Several years ago I noticed that almost all of our design projects revolved around the color blue, but am now sensing that “green is the new blue”! And while I love blue, it has been so much fun to experiment with new palettes, patterns and schemes. So here’s to a green Spring, beautiful new beginnings, and a tribute to nature!

“Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its’ loveliness arises”

- Pedro Calderon de la Barca


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