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meet debbie

At a young age, Debbie developed a love of beautiful things. With a focus on pieces that will withstand the test of time, she has honed that same appreciation into buying and selling fine European antiques for more than 30 years. Her flourishing antique business opened the door for clients seeking her help with interior design projects. 

Since the launch of her design business in 2013, Debbie has had the privilege of working on some of Nashville’s finest homes. She is backed by her outgoing and multi-talented team, and caters to an upscale clientele. With a background in counseling as well as real estate, Debbie brings a unique perspective to each design project. 

Debbie’s expertise and passion directly serve her clients through their investment in the creative process. She is recognized for her timeless design aesthetic, and known for her unwavering philosophy – “every room needs at least one antique.” Her dedication to curated beauty and classic quality brings unmistakable charm and layered richness to every project.

"Debbie is a delight to work with and is always smiling; she clearly loves what she does! She has a great eye for both old and new and how to bring them together. Being a good listening is one of her many assets which help make all discussions and decisions collaborative, making for a nice relationship, easy decision making and a beautiful home! I love working with her!!"


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