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New Office Design Development

As most of you know, renovations are not for the faint of heart! And our office renovation is no different. We were originally hoping to be moved in by the end of this year, but due to a number of setbacks it is now looking like our move will take place closer to February, 2023. While we are counting down the days until we get to call this building home, we are thankful for having extra time to put even more attention into each and every detail. We simply cannot wait to share it all with you but until then, want to give you a few more glimpses into some of the progress and selections being made.

The first thing anyone will see, and one of the areas I have been most excited about, is the building’s front facade. I love a dramatic transformation, and this one will not disappoint! From its former life as the Belle Meade Animal Hospital to our new Design Atelier and Antique Showroom, you will see this 1950’s cinder block structure go from tired and dated to sophisticated and current.

If you have driven by recently, you may have noticed the addition of divided light windows, the removal of the original stucco coating, and changes in both shape and size of the front elevation. Over the next few weeks, you will see a new coating of stucco being applied and the front planting beds enlarged and further defined. Upon completion, it will include a beautiful antique French iron sign bracket, copper gooseneck lanterns, and sleek metal awnings. These upgrades will resemble our neighboring Iroquois Building, but will take on new life at our smaller and more intimate location.

I have always dreamed about an office with outdoor space to accommodate planters and flowers. I am hopeful to bring that dream to life by enlarging what was originally a small raised planting bed bordered by railroad ties to create a small, but grand French inspired parterre garden. This will be achieved with small boxwoods, a French Versailles planter, trees, and maybe hydrangeas. This garden design, along with the copper lanterns, metal awnings, and sign bracket, should set the stage for what is beyond the front door.

As you pass through our front door, you will find, for the first time ever, a true retail experience. It was crucial in our search for retail space to find somewhere that was open and airy to showcase our beautiful antique inventory. High ceilings were also a top priority to display the many vintage and antique chandeliers we are known for.

We are also excited to share that our showroom will include a coffee/wet bar for pop-up events, community education, and shoppers seeking a brief reprieve from reality. This bar will feature striking glass and brass shelving backed with wallpaper as well as a leather upholstered panel with a nailhead design.

It is our goal for clients and shoppers alike to breathe a little easier as they immerse themselves in our beautiful world of carefully curated antiques and treasures. Truly a feast for all the senses with our signature chocolates, a sip of something delicious, music, and objet d’ art to enjoy!

Stay tuned as we share more design details in the coming weeks!


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