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New Office Inspiration & Updates

Several weeks ago, we shared exciting news about our new office space and our plans to move in the coming months. We now want to take you along with us on our design journey, as we share snippets of our ideas and inspiration for creating this beautiful and multifunctional space that captures our design philosophy.

As designers, we understand how much our surroundings can impact our mood, emotional well-being, and productivity. With this in mind, we wanted to be intentional about how we designed both our retail showroom and design atelier.

We started with our branding colors, which are multiple shades of green and gold. Green has always been one of my favorite colors, and one that I feel is incredibly versatile. I often encourage clients to use green in their homes, almost as a neutral color, because it pairs so well with many other colors. Green is well represented in both of my personal homes and is symbolic of my love for gardening and the outdoors. Gold represents my love for antique giltwood mirrors and lighting, brass accessories, and plumbing fixtures, as well as bronze decorative hardware found on many of the antique chests we have in our inventory. You will find this sophisticated green and gold palette used almost exclusively throughout our antique showroom and design offices – prepare to be green with envy!

One of our greatest inspirations comes from biophilic design, which centers on the idea that indoor spaces should feel connected to the outdoors. Studies have shown that creating spaces with elements that speak to nature aesthetically can foster enhanced focus, increased feelings of comfort and calmness, and the ability to think more creatively – all extremely beneficial features for an interior design office! And while this type of design is all the rage right now, it has always dovetailed perfectly with my personal design philosophy of creating timeless, beautiful, and serene spaces that incorporate fresh flowers, lush plants, and many shades of green.

As most of you probably know, I am a Francophile at heart, with a deep love and appreciation for all things French! You can be sure that our new retail showroom will not only feature many beautiful French antiques, but also many elements of French design throughout. At the core, French design believes in respecting history while weaving together elegance with practical luxury. We will feature portieres (drapery hanging over a doorway), brass shelving, and tapestry-like wallpaper while at the same time incorporating state of the art technology, a comprehensive and user friendly resource room, as well as a warm and welcoming conference room conducive to creative collaboration.

And while I could go on for days about each and every detail we have selected , I want there to be an element of surprise when we finally open our doors! We will continue to share sneak peeks throughout this process and look forward to the day we can welcome you in person. Stay tuned as our grand opening date will be announced soon!

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