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The “Write” Solution

While hunting for antiques, I have always tried to keep my eyes peeled for interesting writing desks and tables because they sell! These pieces are in high demand because of their versatility and ability to solve a variety of design needs.

When I suggest a writing desk to my design clients, I find that many of them haven’t ever considered using one outside of a home office space. I explain that writing desks can be used in many ways, serving the home far beyond office work. While the term “desk” might imply work to some, it can mean play to others. After all, why balance a laptop on your legs when you could have a designated surface for writing, surfing, or creating?

See my suggestions below for how you might incorporate these often neglected pieces in your own home!

Living Area: Consider using a writing desk as a sofa back table. It can serve as a holding area for beautiful accessories and do double duty as a small office. I love it when you can get great function in a small space!

Bedroom: Another place I like to use writing desks is in the bedroom. I tend to gravitate toward smaller desks that do not appear heavy or overly business-like. It can be interesting to pair a decorative desk with a skirted table or small chest on the other side of the bed. A pretty writing desk with an upholstered occasional chair can elevate most any bedroom!

Guest Bedroom: In today’s world, I find that house guests value space to unwind and recharge – their devices. It is thoughtful to provide them with a surface to store their laptop and potentially work remotely. Your guests can also use this surface to hold personal items or as an alternative vanity option if the guest bath isn’t large or accessible.

I believe that purchasing an interesting writing desk is a sound investment for people at most any age. However, young people who are just beginning to invest in furnishings should consider this piece as it could serve in one capacity in their current home and then function differently in the next. With so many beautiful writing desk options available, this might just be the functional solution you’ve been looking for!


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