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Shine Bright This Summer

Gone is the day when ornate chandeliers graced only formal dining rooms and entrance halls. As their decorative style has evolved, so has their placement in the home. Any room is a candidate for a chandelier, however, living rooms, master bedrooms, and bathrooms have become popular locations. Whether traditional or contemporary, adding or replacing an outdated chandelier can add instant architectural interest and take an otherwise plain room from boring to beautiful!

Why should you consider adding chandeliers to your décor?

1. AestheticallyA well – chosen and properly proportioned chandelier can serve as a piece of art, creating a focal point and setting the stage for the rooms’ design. Additionally, a chandelier can draw the eye upward creating the illusion of a larger space.

2. FunctionallyEvery room needs more than once source of light. Most designers recommend “layered lighting” which includes a mix of task lighting, accent lighting, and ambient lighting. A chandelier is a form of ambient lighting, which is indirect, evenly spaced light that can illuminate the entire room.

3. Mood AlteringWhen connected to a dimmer switch, a chandelier can create mood, atmosphere and even enhance the shape of other objects in the room. I believe that nothing creates elegance and romance in a master bedroom like a beautiful chandelier.

And, when it comes time to move, should you not want to part with that carefully chosen chandelier, realtors recommend that you pack it away and replace with another before potential buyers have time to fall in love with your treasure!

Come visit us at our Design Atelier and Antique Showroom (311 White Bridge Pike) to see our collection of unique and one of a kind chandeliers. We would love to help you light up your life, and your home, with chandeliers that say WOW!


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