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My Love Affair with Antiques

My love affair with antiques started at a young age stemming from an unusual childhood. With a mother who was ill and died much too young, I was blessed to have the attentions of my maternal grandmother and best friend’s mother. These women both loved antiques and instilled in me the “thrill of the hunt” as well as a penchant for high quality craftsmanship and beauty. While these women had differing tastes, each taught me about the art of studying a piece, negotiation and fair pricing. Spending countless hours with these women at garage sales, antique stores and antique shows, I received not only an unparalleled education but also fond memories filled with joy and love.

These memories along with the movie, The Red Violin, which came out in 1999, solidified my passion for antiques. This movie, about a perfect red-colored violin made in 17th century Italy, traced its ownership over three centuries and countries before finding its way to an auction house in Montreal. This movie perfectly describes the journey of an antique violin which inspires me to think about the antique furnishings that I purchase. Where have they been, who built them, who enjoyed them, etc. Each piece has a story to tell and I am listening.

Why Antiques for You?

  • Antiques and family heirlooms often have sentimental value and offer a connection with history and may even provide a link with your own heritage

  • The quality of antiques usually transcends the quality of new furnishings made today. Most were handmade and built to last for many years

  • Well cared for antiques tend to go up in value over time. Many experts say that now is an excellent time to invest in antiques.

  • Antiques can offer a beautiful patina and depth that newer furnishings cannot provide during our lifetime

  • Antique pieces are less likely to be super trendy which means they are also less likely to ever be completely “untrendy”


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