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As Good As Gold

While all that glitters is definitely “gold” this season, I would argue that using gold or gold finishes in design has always been in vogue, and one of my favorite ways to give your home a timeless and beautiful look. Using gold, or one of its warm-toned counterparts like brass or bronze, in interior design dates back as far as ancient Egypt, and appears in every period and style through the ages since. Gold, brass, and giltwood can appear aged and traditional on a gilded frame or mirror, or sleek and contemporary in the form of a mid-century brass lamp. One of my personal favorite ways to incorporate gold into a scheme is in the form of a Sunburst Mirror. Dating back to the late 15th century, these mirrors symbolize Apollo, the sun god. These happy accessories made a bold comeback in the mid-20th century and have found a place in our homes today. I believe using gold in a room is like adding a piece of jewelry to your outfit – it can elevate a space by bringing both pedigree and that highly sought after patina.

Here are a few suggestions for giving you the Midas Touch!

Master Bathroom: Replace your existing brass plumbing fixtures and hardware with something a little more contemporary. For instance, try a modern Brushed Gold, vibrant French Gold, or timeless Champagne Bronze finish. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how these minor updates transform your space.

Living Spaces: Reframe an existing piece of art with a fabulous gold leaf frame, and try an upholstered bench with brass legs in the same room. Or add a brass and glass coffee table for a bit of Hollywood glamour! A subtle pop of metal can be daring, creating a versatile feeling and big impact.

Holiday Decorations: Not sure about permanently adding brass or gold? I have always found the holidays to be a great excuse for a trial run! Deck the halls with bright gold ribbon, metallic ornaments, and vintage brass or giltwood candlesticks. You’ll get a better taste for what tones fit best in your home and could stick around after the tree and trimmings come down.

If you are considering ways to freshen up your home in the new year, perhaps adding in this timeless finish will be just the ticket. Gold might just give you the elegant and sophisticated look you’ve been wanting!


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