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An Antique Revival

Design by: Veere Grenney

As most of you know, I have a weakness for antiques and one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. While it warms my heart to hear that antiques are making a comeback in 2022 I was not aware that they were ever out of vogue. I guess that comes back to the old adage “birds of a feather flock together” and most of “my people” have an appreciation for pieces that have a history and story to tell.

While perusing the internet to see what design trends are predicted for the coming year, I came across a number of articles that speak to this “antique revival”. There were a number of reasons cited for this phenomenon and I have done my best to summarize them below:

1. Supply Chain Issues

Due to COVID induced supply chain issues and furniture backorders shopping vintage and antique has increased in popularity. It allows for immediate gratification while having fun exploring antique stores, estate sales, and auctions.

2. Affordabliity

Most people don’t realize that purchasing antiques can be a long term sound financial investment. Antiques are typically constructed out of finer materials, they are bench made, and usually less expensive than new furniture which is mass produced. You are getting a higher quality product for less money that is likely one-of-a-kind. A win – win all around!

3. History

With the uncertainty and turbulence experienced over the last few years many people are yearning for ties to the past. They are embracing family heirlooms like never before and love the stories that accompany such pieces. The patina and imperfections can immediately put people at ease and add a layer of interest. A bit of nostalgia can bring warmth and comfort like nothing else and repurposing.

4. The Grandmillenial Influence

As it turns out, millennials are playing a huge role in this antique revival. With their desire to express themselves uniquely and rebel against cookie cutter interiors so aptly displayed on instagram, this generation is all about maximalism and timelessness. Craving a return to pretty and traditionally inspired interiors, millennials are incorporating chintz, patterned lamp shades, skirted tables, and YES, antiques!

Design by: Caroline Gidiere Design by:Mary Evelyn McKee

No matter the reasons for this renewed interest in antiques and traditional interiors, I am thrilled to be a part of it. We are seeing an increase in antique sales as well as a younger demographic shopping with us. One of our younger design clients commented after presenting her with a Living Room scheme, “Debbie, would my grandmother and mother approve of this?” While the past few years have been challenging, I am hopeful that they are leading us back to our roots and a simpler time.


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