Dear Debbie,
I cannot tell you how thrilled that you are pulling the thread that binds all of these great things together. I feel the charm and coziness already and have such confidence that you and Sarah know all of the pitfalls to circumvent. Every time I leave the architect or builder I feel stress... Every time I leave your place I feel complete excitement and such confidence in your creative spirit! Many, many thanks!
— A Happy Client
Debbie has done several smaller projects and one very large project for me and I cannot say enough positive things about Debbie Mathews and the Debbie Mathews Antiques and Designs team! Debbie is the rare designer (and I have worked with others) who can function as advisor to those who want to be very involved in the process, or she can take full command of the design experience for those clients who want to be more hands off, plus anything in between. She is able to work towards the taste of the client- she does not have just one style at which she excels. She is patient but forthright, she will give you her opinion while respecting yours. She does not have an ego that gets in the way like some designers, though she rightfully could, as her work is exceptional! To ice the cake, her team GETS IT DONE! Responses and legwork are prompt and timely and when you are ready to move forward, this team MOVES! The design process can be so stressful and is so personal, and Debbie has the temperament and sensibility to understand clients and their needs. :))
— Another Happy Client